The cardiovascular diseases prevention program for the Przasnysz district


What is the main goal of the project?    

    Przasnysz District characterized by a high total mortality rate which the greatest extent result of cardiovascular disease, accounting for about every second cause of death in the county. Large increase in the number of deaths primarily due ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular disease results mainly from an unhealthy lifestyle county residents whose components are: improper diet, smoking, and above all, low physical activity.

   The project aims to raise awareness about the factors of cardiovascular disease and pro-health attitudes for the heart and cardiovascular system, and increase the proportion of people using of cardiac care.Implemented under the project screening for cardiovascular disease and promoting healthy attitudes (educational workshops, classes at the pool - possible to continue even after the completion of the project) are to contribute to reducing morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases. With the project will benefit most of all active and passive smokers, people over 45 years of age and families of people with cardiovascular diseases.